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Why does aquaculture need water quality PH sensor?


Aquaculture is an additional access to meet people's demand for aquatic products. Traditional aquaculture is characterized by the sacrifice of the natural environment and the consumption of large amounts of material. This method of farming is not only costly, inefficient and limited by geographical conditions, but also destroys the natural environment. Modern breeding methods such as artificial pond breeding, cage breeding, water breeding and so on. Through the application of iot technology and sensor technology to achieve high efficiency of fine farming. Water quality PH sensor is the use of electrochemical method to measure the PH value of water quality.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
The influence of water ph?

The ph of water directly affects the production performance of fish. The water is acidic, with a PH of less than 6, and contains many dead or dying algae cells. Fish body color is obviously white, aquatic plants appear brown or white, water transparency is significantly increased. In the later stage of aquaculture, especially high density aquaculture pool or intensive fish pond. Due to the higher content of organic matter, algae in water age more serious. Hypoxic or hypoxic conditions tend to occur in this water body. Fish and shrimp are easy to be attacked by bacteria and viruses at this time and appear various diseases.

In acidic water, it will reduce the PH of fish and shrimp blood. Will reduce its oxygen carrying capacity, so that fish and shrimp in a higher dissolved oxygen environment will also occur floating head, namely physiological hypoxia. Fish and shrimp are inactive, with slow metabolism and reduced food intake. Digestibility decreased, growth was inhibited, and survival rate decreased. Therefore, in the production process, in order to keep the PH value of fish and shrimp water stable in a certain range. Water quality improver or fungi are often added to strengthen the buffering capacity of the buffering system of the aquaculture water body.

The role of ph sensor?

A change in PH causes a change in the amount of some chemicals in the water. Can also cause the change of many material forms, especially the change of some toxic substances. Lead to changes in toxicity and indirectly affect fish life activities. It also affects the charged state of suspended particles, colloids and proteins in water. Lead to adsorption, desorption, precipitation polymerization and so on. It also disrupts the supply of phosphate and inorganic nitrogen and the absorption of Fe and C, the most important material bases for phytoplankton production in the water. As a result, photosynthesis and the activities of various microorganisms are affected, which ultimately leads to the decline of fish yield.

Water quality PH sensor can be measured object signal in accordance with a certain law into electrical signal detection water quality device, for output, storage, recording and other requirements. Aquaculture water is composed of plankton, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, aquaculture objects, etc. Life is happening all the time, and water quality indicators are also changing. Under normal circumstances, the pH value of aquaculture water begins to rise gradually with the strengthening of photosynthesis at sunrise and reaches the maximum value at 16:30 ~ 17:30 in the afternoon. After sunset, photosynthesis weakened, respiration intensified,pH began to decline, until the next day before sunrise to the minimum value. This cycle, the pH value of the normal daily range of 0.3-0.5. If it is beyond this range, the water body is abnormal. So it is necessary to use water quality PH sensor in aquaculture.

PH meter
PH meter
Smooth water quality PH sensor:

The water quality PH sensor and water quality PH tester are intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. Continuous monitoring data can be transmitted and output, and connected to the recorder, remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface through Modbus-RTU protocol for easy access to the computer for monitoring and recording. The electrode is sensitive and resistant to high temperature and high pressure. The probe adopts high-performance PH glass electrode, resistant to high temperature and high pressure. Strong adaptability, long life and easy maintenance. With a 2.4 inch large LCD screen, the numerical values at a glance, numerical real-time HD display. There is a password, can effectively prevent data leakage. Can be applied to multiple fields, one machine multi configuration, intelligent adaptation.

Portable water quality detector
Portable water quality detector 
Portable water quality detector :

Portable water quality detector is also called portable water quality analyzer. The instrument design is small and beautiful, easy to carry. Water quality detector adopts guiding operation design, the interface is simple and easy to understand. Operators can use it quickly and accurately. Operation without manual intervention, the system automatically identifies the detection channel, accurate detection. The sensor displays measurements within seconds of being placed in water. Simple and convenient, low cost and fast speed. Full color interface based on new embedded design. Real-time query, record, display access sensor data. It can store 200,000 pieces of data. Adjust the set time interval to make data recording range (5 seconds to 24 hours). You can view the corresponding data by date and time. When the detection value exceeds the alarm value set by the user, the device will alarm. Press the alarm button to release the alarm. When users are not using the device, they can press the backlight button to save power. Support APP applets, monitoring, reports, storage and other one-stop services. Easy to create an independent and exclusive online cloud platform.

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