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Water quality online monitoring equipment helps to ensure the safety of water quality in summer


In summer, the temperature is hot, which is the season for the rapid growth of various bacteria and other organisms. During this period, the chromaticity and turbidity of the raw water will also increase accordingly. Along with the growth of algae, there will also be peculiar smell, especially the muddy smell is relatively heavy. In other words, this period is a period when water quality is more likely to deteriorate, and it is a key period for water quality safety monitoring. Use online water quality monitoring equipment to strengthen monitoring. Early warning can be used to ensure the safety of water quality in summer.

Benefits of Water Quality Monitoring Equipment:

Water quality online monitoring equipment is the current professional water quality monitoring instrument. With data acquisition, wireless transmission, remote monitoring and automatic alarm functions. Using it, it can continuously monitor and analyze water quality parameters for 24 hours, and monitor the changes of raw water quality. Establish an objective evaluation system. And online monitoring of water quality is a long-term development trend of modern water quality safety supervision. It can not only enhance the supervision ability of the law enforcement team. Moreover, the response level of relevant departments to the occurrence of water quality safety incidents has been improved. It is more conducive to carry out water quality security work.

With the continuous improvement of the technical level of water quality online monitoring equipment manufacturers and the continuous enhancement of the reliability of hardware equipment. The water quality online monitoring system has also begun to develop in the direction of automation and intelligence. Applying it to carry out water quality monitoring work not only realizes water quality visualization and real-time detection. Moreover, precise positioning and scientific scheduling can be carried out through more intuitive and comprehensive real-time data monitoring. It has changed the history of judgment based on experience in the past, and solved the shortcomings of long detection period and low accuracy. It can more efficiently cooperate with the environmental protection department to carry out comprehensive water quality and safety improvement work. Ensure the safety of water quality in summer.

Portable water quality detector
Portable water quality detector
Jingxun unblocked water quality monitoring equipment:

The water quality online monitoring equipment is a new generation of intelligent multi-parameter water quality detector independently developed by Jingxun Changtong Technology Co., Ltd. Detection indicators include online monitoring of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature values. It has the characteristics of high stability, superior repeatability and multi-function. Can accurately measure multiple parameters in solution. Widely used in: environmental protection, sewage treatment, thermal power, aquaculture, food processing, printing, metallurgy, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry, water works and other industries.

Portable water quality detector is also known as portable water quality analyzer. The instrument design is small and beautiful, easy to carry.Water quality detector adopts guided operation design, the interface is simple and easy to understand. The operator can use it quickly and accurately. Operation without manual intervention, the system automatically identifies the detection channel, accurate detection.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System:

The cabinet-type water quality online system of Jingxun has the characteristics of high stability, good repeatability and multi-function. The water quality online system can accurately measure the pH value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, heavy metal ions, total phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen and other parameters of the solution. Adopt 7-inch touch LCD screen, with parameter settings, calibration settings, instrument debugging, other settings, etc. Automatic protection of system balance damage can be achieved. Once the thermostat fails, causing the temperature to run out of control. It can automatically cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

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