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Introduction to the role of the hydrological and rainwater monitoring and management system


The safety of the reservoir is related to the safety of people's lives and property downstream of the reservoir, and to the stability and development of the local economy and society. Establish a hydrological and rainwater monitoring and management system to realize the timeliness of information collection. Establish a unified data standard system and establish a dynamic supervision system. Standardize business management and establish data sharing and exchange mechanisms. It can improve the utilization rate of information and greatly improve the level of emergency management.

Hydrology and rainwater monitoring and management system
Hydrology and rainwater monitoring and management system
Significance of Establishing Hydrology and Rainwater Monitoring and Management System

The data collector and communicator of the automatic monitoring system for water and rain conditions adopt an integrated design. Makes it more stable in operation. Using a modular operating system, it is easier to get started. Can work above standard temperature. Support remote, keyboard, serial three configuration methods. The front communication machine can realize automatic parameter configuration, historical information query, remote control and other functions.

The hydrological monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions of rivers and reservoirs. Through the hydrological monitoring system, the management department can timely grasp the hydrological conditions of rivers, such as precipitation and section water level, so as to make management decisions in time. Hydrological monitoring and early warning system plays an important role in timely warning flood disaster and avoiding human and economic losses.

The monitoring contents of hydrological monitoring system include: water level, flow, flow rate, rainfall (snow), evaporation, sediment, ice, moisture, water quality, etc. The hydrological monitoring system uses wireless communication mode to transmit monitoring data in real time, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the hydrological department.

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