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What is a hydrological monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Mar 16 2022

At the beginning of this year's rainy season, southern China will still suffer from "wet and cold attacks". The north is often disturbed by cold air. In most parts of China, the temperature gradually rises to above freezing, and the biting cold weather gradually disappears. At this time, the confrontation between cold and warm air is always surprising. Jingxun smooth hydrological monitoring station can be widely used in rivers, lakes, tides, irrigation canals and so on. For flow velocity, water level, flow and rainfall measurements. The flow rate and water level of the water body are measured in a non-contact way. According to the built-in software algorithm, calculate and output real-time section flow and cumulative flow.

Hydrological Monitoring Station
Hydrological Monitoring Station
The role of hydrological monitoring stations:

The hydrological monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions in rivers and reservoirs. Through the hydrological monitoring system, the management department can grasp the hydrological conditions of the river such as precipitation and section water level in a timely manner. Make management decisions in a timely manner. The hydrological monitoring and early warning system is timely warning of flood disasters. play an important role in avoiding human and economic losses.

The monitoring contents of hydrological monitoring system include: water level, flow, flow rate, rainfall (snow), evaporation, sediment, ice, moisture, water quality, etc. The hydrological monitoring system uses wireless communication mode to transmit monitoring data in real time, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the hydrological department.

Hydrological telemetry terminal is designed for hydrological monitoring. It is a multi-functional, low-power, remote telemetry equipment suitable for harsh application environment. It is widely used in water level, rainfall, image, water quality, velocity, flow and other monitoring projects.Docking a variety of hardware and software equipment, and provincial and municipal water conservancy and hydrology integrated management platforms.