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What is hydrological on-line monitoring system

User:JXCTUpload time:Mar 08 2022

The hydrological monitoring system for small and medium rivers is suitable for real-time monitoring of hydrological parameters of rivers, lakes and groundwater by hydrological departments. The system uses wireless communication to transmit real-time monitoring data. It can greatly improve the work efficiency of the hydrological department.

The role of the hydrological monitoring system

my country is a country prone to natural disasters. There are many rivers and lakes in our country. With the rapid development of the national economy, water conservancy projects play an increasingly important role in the national economy. The biggest and most widespread issue in water conservancy projects is flood control. The hydrology and water conservancy monitoring and alarm system can timely reflect the water pattern characteristics of each water area through online real-time monitoring. So that the relevant departments understand the situation and make arrangements. Prevent the occurrence of major disasters.

Water plays an irreplaceable role in human survival and development. However, cases of floods that seriously affect human safety and property losses are not uncommon. The frequent occurrence of flood disasters in small and medium-sized rivers has become the main body of flood disaster losses in my country. Water conservancy and flood control are related to social stability and people's safety. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the emergency monitoring of heavy rain and floods in small and medium-sized rivers.

Hydrological on-line monitoring system
Hydrological on-line monitoring system
Significance of Hydrological Monitoring

Hydrological on-line monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions in rivers, reservoirs, etc. Through this system, the management department can grasp the hydrological conditions of the river basin such as precipitation and cross-section water level in a timely manner. To make management decisions in a timely manner. The hydrological monitoring and early warning system is timely warning of flood disasters. played an important role in avoiding human and economic losses.

The hydrological monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions of rivers and reservoirs. Through the hydrological monitoring system, the management department can timely grasp the hydrological conditions of rivers, such as precipitation and section water level, so as to make management decisions in time. Hydrological monitoring and early warning system plays an important role in timely warning flood disaster and avoiding human and economic losses.