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Introduction to on-line monitoring of water quality in water source area

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 10 2022

The state and all provinces and regions increasingly attach importance to the protection of the ecological environment, and constantly strengthen the control of water pollution. But because of the weak awareness of environmental protection and the interests of many factors. Illegal sewage discharge and substandard sewage discharge, resulting in serious environmental pollution from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary to increase investment in monitoring and supervision to provide an effective and practical advanced monitoring system and solutions. It is imperative to establish wastewater on-line monitoring system and improve water quality monitoring ability to strengthen environmental monitoring. With the continuous development of Internet of things, water quality can be monitored by online monitoring equipment of water source.

On-line monitoring of water quality in water source areas
On-line monitoring of water quality in water source areas
Water Quality Monitoring System

With the development of economy, more and more sewage discharge in China has caused serious pollution of surface water. Environmental quality is deteriorating. But at present, the monitoring of water quality of pollution sources and drainage channels is still in the stage of manual monitoring. The time coverage was low, and the samples lacked scientific and representative characteristics. It is difficult to reflect the continuous change of sewage discharge of enterprises and cities.

Water quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs: large-scale deployment of monitoring equipment along rivers and lakes, Internet of Things technology as the carrier, big data and cloud computing technology as the starting point, through the establishment of a system management platform, to provide a full range of water quality monitoring solutions .

Ocean water quality monitoring: The floating water quality monitoring system can accurately measure the sea water quality online, in situ, and send the data back to the onshore data center in real time to provide timely warnings and effectively monitor the sea water quality.On-line monitoring of water quality in water source area can better understand water quality.