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Discussion on floating water quality monitoring instrument
User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 05 2022

Buoy water quality monitoring instruments in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal waters and so on. Laboratory sensor technology is composed of buoy body, power supply system and data transmission equipment. Small water quality monitoring systems are placed in the waters. Used for continuous and automatic monitoring of the change of the measured water body. Record water objectively and find abnormal changes in water quality in time. Furthermore, the water pollution prediction can be realized, and the law of water diffusion and self-purification can be studied. To master the purpose of providing technical services to environmental protection management departments for water quality and pollution.

Floating water quality monitoring instruments
Floating water quality monitoring instruments
Floating water quality monitoring

The large-scale water quality monitoring system floating station is an intelligent monitoring equipment that can adapt to marine monitoring operations. The floating water quality monitoring equipment can float on the sea for a long time to monitor the water quality environment in real time.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring: The aquaculture water quality monitoring system can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of the three parameters of water quality, temperature, PH value and dissolved oxygen, and perform functions such as storage and historical record query on the computer.River water quality monitoring: Floating river water quality automatically monitors the water quality status in the target water area, forming a grid of river water quality monitoring trends, which will help to form a sound long-term river management mechanism.

Reservoir water quality monitoring: The reservoir water quality monitoring system is suitable for real-time monitoring of lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other monitoring stations to observe changes in water quality.