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Talk about small automatic water quality monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 05 2022

With the development of ecological environment monitoring network and the popularization of water quality grid monitoring. Small automatic water quality monitoring stations require more intensive placement. To meet the application needs of big data such as pollution traceability, water quality early warning and river chief assessment. Conventional automatic water quality monitoring station covers an area of large, high investment in infrastructure. It is difficult to adapt to the application requirements under the new situation of environmental monitoring. To this end, Jingxun Unblocked electronic Technology Co., Ltd. combined with years of water quality online monitoring equipment research and development and integration experience. Launch of a micro automatic water quality monitoring system. The system is flexible to install and the monitoring parameters can be customized. Applicable to different application scenarios.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
Small automatic water quality monitoring station

The monitoring parameters of small automatic water quality monitoring station system can be adjusted according to the needs of users. Can support water quality, hydrology, synchronous monitoring. Miniaturization, intensive, highly integrated, low power consumption, small maintenance. Perfect function and strong expansibility. Small footprint, no need for land acquisition. Flexible installation, short construction cycle and less investment. At low cost to achieve the same function configuration as fixed station water station. It is specially customized based on the working conditions of each site. The appearance style is in harmony with the surrounding environment, and the system function is equal to the urban landscape.

Floating water quality monitoring system can be used in water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes, aquaculture, ocean water quality, sewage monitoring and other fields, modular design, free selection, support for custom solar modules, wireless transmission modules.

Water quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs: large-scale deployment of monitoring equipment along rivers and lakes, Internet of Things technology as the carrier, big data and cloud computing technology as the starting point, through the establishment of a system management platform, to provide a full range of water quality monitoring solutions .