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On – line monitoring system of multi – parameter water quality


Multi-parameter water quality on-line monitoring system is mainly used for COD on-line monitoring of fixed pollution sources such as sewage discharge, industrial wastewater discharge and aquaculture wastewater discharge. The equipment adopts independent special technology and specially designed "high temperature and high pressure closed digestion device technology". It improves the reliability and temperature accuracy of "high temperature and high pressure closed digestion". Thus improve the digestion efficiency of organic matter (glutamic acid digestion rate up to 100%). Make the actual water sample test more accurate.

Ion Sensor
Ion Sensor
Multi - parameter water quality on-line monitoring system

Using modern sensing technology, computer application technology and related special analysis software and communication network composed of a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system. The water quality on-line automatic monitoring system can detect the abnormal changes of water quality as soon as possible. In order to prevent water pollution of water supply pipe network, we can make early warning and forecast quickly and trace pollution source in time, so as to serve management decision. Multi - parameter on-line detector is one of the main modern water quality testing equipment. It has good effect on deep-sea water quality detection and groundwater water quality detection. The multi-parameter on-line detector plays an effective role in urban water supply and guarantees the effectiveness and timeliness of the application of the equipment. Multi-parameter on-line detector is divided into water quality analysis instrument, on-line analysis and monitoring, liquid level measurement instrument, etc.

Ion sensor can monitor sodium ion, lead ion, potassium ion, calcium ion, copper ion, iodide ion in aqueous solution. Fast response, accurate measurement, high temperature and high pressure probe resistance.

The ion sensor can be widely used in continuous monitoring of chloride ion value and temperature in solutions such as thermal power/chemical fertilizer/metallurgy/biochemical/food and tap water.The parameters of each ionized water quality sensor can be obtained by contacting customer service.

Types of Dam Water Level Monitoring Systems

Dam water level monitoring systems are designed to provide real-time data on the water levels, which can be used to inform decisions about the operation of the dam, including releases of water and the implementation of flood control measures.

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