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Talking about Water Quality Monitoring and Management System

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 17 2021

In aquaculture, in order to better ensure the growth of fish, water quality is usually monitored. But in most cases it is done manually, due to the timeliness of manual water quality monitoring. It cannot be ensured that someone will conduct a monitoring work every time period. Pay special attention to the error of human operation will also affect the effect of water quality monitoring. It can be seen that the water quality monitoring method of artificial fish ponds has long monitoring periods and slow data feedback. It is no longer suitable for the needs of fish pond aquaculture. In order to better understand the aquaculture water quality, the water quality monitoring and management system can be used for control and management.

remote continuous monitoring
remote continuous monitoring
Water quality monitoring management system

It can monitor the water quality of fish pond culture in real time, systematically and intelligently. An online fish pond water quality monitoring system with stability, data analysis, and data feedback can better meet the effects of fish pond aquaculture water quality monitoring.Jingxunchangtong's independent research and development of online multi-parameter fish pond aquaculture water quality monitor. The monitoring requirements can be customized according to different breeding objects. The corresponding monitoring parameters can be flexibly combined, selected and customized. Through the flexible configuration of the intelligent instrument platform, the intelligent online monitoring of water quality is realized.

Through the water quality monitoring system platform, the user can set the safety value range of the monitored parameters. Once the front-end sensor detects that a water quality parameter exceeds the safety value range, the system will send an alarm message to notify the user for timely processing and ensure the storage of water tanks and reservoirs. The water quality is good.Establish information management for raw materials, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, and sales in the aquatic product supply chain. The delivery and exchange plan enables aquatic products to have the ability to track and trace their quality and ensure product quality and safety.