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The important role of ammonia nitrogen monitoring equipment in sewage
User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 09 2021

Water quality includes a wide range of water characteristics. Include biological, chemical, and physical descriptions of water clarity or pollution. Water quality evaluation is generally based on certain attributes of lakes, rivers, and other water bodies in the bay. The most important of these attributes are related to oxygen-consuming pollutants or pollutants that can cause disease, synthetic organic and inorganic chemicals, and temperature. In recent years, the increase in pollution and the increasing public concern about water quality have led to the addition of several other parameters in the water quality test. Including the amount of algae growth, chemical oxygen demand, and the amount of hydrocarbons, metals and other toxic substances present. Among the pollutants, ammonia nitrogen is of particular concern and can be monitored with ammonia nitrogen monitoring equipment.

Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor
Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor
Introduction of water quality monitoring equipment

The ammonia nitrogen monitoring equipment independently developed by Jingxunchangtong has stable performance and accurate detection. The shell is made of sturdy engineering plastics and good protection design, which can be used in changing and abnormal environments such as sewage treatment plants or chemical sewage discharge. This sensor has the characteristics of fast response, high measurement accuracy and good stability.

The ammonia nitrogen sensor (water quality analyzer) is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. The ammonia nitrogen electrode used in the water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor is a solid-state ion selective electrode made by hand, which can measure the total free ammonia nitrogen content in the water. Aqueous ammonia nitrogen sensor provides ammonia nitrogen ion measurement, which is simple, fast, economical and accurate. The aqueous ammonia nitrogen sensor is matched with a waterproof housing to convert the signal of the aqueous solution into a standard 485/4-20mA/0-10V signal through digital setting and analysis. The product does not need to be calibrated in one molding process and can be used immediately.