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Strengthen rural water quality monitoring to ensure drinking water safety during flood season

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 08 2021

The safety of water supply in villages and towns is related to the stability of rural society and the health of rural residents. It is an important and long-term task of rural work. To systematically understand the basic status of drinking water sanitation in rural areas. Promote the long-term and effective operation of rural drinking water safety projects. Ensure the sanitation and safety of drinking water for rural residents. In the near future, in accordance with the requirements of relevant departments. The district health bureau is meticulously organized, under the vigorous cooperation and coordination of the district water conservancy bureau. Actively carry out the water quality monitoring of rural domestic drinking water in Yucheng District in 2021 during the wet period.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
Rural water quality monitoring

In some remote rural areas. Due to backward water supply methods, water quality monitoring is not effective. The monitoring of the quality of drinking water sources in rural areas is still in a blank state. There are problems with unclear numbers and serious lack of monitoring capabilities. Drinking contaminated drinking water will cause poisoning, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, and cardiovascular diseases. More serious is that it will cause long-term malignant changes in the human body such as cancer, mutation and aberration. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of rural drinking water to ensure the safety of rural drinking water. Real-time monitoring of rural drinking water sources, particulate matter, minerals and other water quality conditions and real-time transmission to the monitoring center. Ensure to upload new monitoring data, which plays a prominent role in strengthening water source protection and water pollution prevention and control. Under this monitoring system, the combination of prevention and treatment is realized to ensure the safety of drinking water in rural areas.Water quality monitoring is of vital importance.