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Aquaculture water quality monitoring system can be better managed

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 08 2021

China is a large aquaculture country, and its output accounts for about 70% of the world's total output. While the aquaculture industry is developing rapidly. Breeding species, breeding methods, and types of aquaculture water bodies are gradually becoming diversified. The difficulty of breeding management is also increasing. The quality of water will affect the quality and safety of aquatic products. Monitoring and regulating various parameters of water quality (water temperature, water level, ammonia nitrogen, PH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity) can reduce 30% to 40% of aquatic products mortality rate. Can provide a good and healthy growth environment for aquatic products. The aquaculture water quality monitoring system can monitor and manage the water quality well.

Water quality sensor
Water quality sensor
water quality monitoring system

At present, most of the water quality monitoring in domestic aquaculture is in the manual monitoring stage of manual sampling and chemical analysis. It is even estimated based on experience alone. This method is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and not highly accurate. At the same time, there are also great limitations in monitoring time and accident early warning. It is far from meeting the needs of the further development of factory farming. In order to solve the problems of inconvenience, high cost, and excessive manpower consumption in the monitoring of the ecological environment of the water body in aquaculture. To improve the economic benefits of the aquaculture industry, Jingxun Changtong launched a set of aquaculture water quality monitoring system.

The aquaculture water quality monitoring system adopts advanced intelligent water quality sensors, wireless transmission systems, wireless communications, early warning systems, intelligent management systems, etc. All-round remote monitoring and management of water quality. It can store and analyze a large amount of historical data, guide production management, ensure the high yield and profit of aquaculture, and avoid environmental problems caused by water pollution.