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Application of aquaculture water quality monitoring equipment

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 08 2021

With economic development and population increase, water resources are in short supply in many areas. In addition, industrial waste water and domestic sewage are discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans, which exacerbates the degree of water pollution. Safety of water quality is very important to people's lives. It is often too late if we wait until the water source is contaminated before remediation. Not only increased time and labor costs, but also difficult to manage. Therefore, we want to eliminate pollution from the source and ensure the safety of water quality. The most effective way is to strengthen water quality monitoring. It is also intuitively important for aquaculture water quality monitoring, which is more conducive to the development of the aquaculture industry.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
Aquaculture water quality monitoring

The quality of water has a very important effect on aquaculture. Science shows that: generally within the appropriate temperature range, as the temperature rises. The metabolism of fish increases accordingly, food intake increases, and growth speeds up. The level of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture water will also affect the growth and health of fish. Sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water can inhibit the formation of toxic substances and reduce the content of toxic substances. If the dissolved oxygen is insufficient, it is very easy to endanger the healthy growth of fish. Therefore, installing a water quality monitoring system in fish ponds can keep track of water quality changes in time. Take countermeasures in advance to effectively avoid breeding risks. Increase yield per mu. Only by managing the water well can the success of aquaculture be guaranteed. To maintain a good water quality environment, water quality monitoring is essential.

The aquaculture water quality monitoring system uses advanced intelligent water quality sensors, wireless transmission systems, wireless communications, early warning systems, intelligent management systems, etc. to carry out all-round remote monitoring and management of water quality. A large amount of historical data can be stored and analyzed to guide production management and ensure The high yield and income of aquaculture can avoid environmental problems caused by water pollution.