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Swimming pool water quality monitoring solution

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 01 2021

With the improvement of people's living standards and the demand for hydrophilicity. Large hotels, high-end B&Bs, fitness clubs, and residential villas with standard swimming pools are ideal places for recreation and living. The issue of swimming pool water quality and safety has always been the focus of attention of the majority of swimmers. Currently, swimming pools mainly use chlorine-containing disinfectants. However, if the free residual chlorine content in the pool is too high, it will cause skin itching, conjunctivitis and other symptoms. If it is too low, it will not be disinfected. In view of this problem, the swimming pool water quality monitoring system can be used for monitoring. As a manufacturer of IoT equipment with many years of experience, Jingxunchangtong. It can also provide you with a set of swimming pool water quality monitoring solutions to better meet your needs.

Swimming pool water quality monitoring
Swimming pool water quality monitoring
Introduction of swimming pool water quality monitoring solutions

If the swimming pool water is not effectively circulated and purified. Insufficient water replenishment and frequency of swimming pools, and insufficient renewal of pool water will cause urea to exceed the standard. Traditional manual timing monitoring cannot monitor the water quality changes in swimming places in real time. Water quality monitoring has certain temporal and spatial limitations, making it impossible to achieve scientific management and control. And with the introduction of relevant regulatory rules by the national government at all levels. Real-time monitoring of water quality and transparency of data are required. Establishing an online monitoring system for water quality in swimming places is not only a way to transform traditional supervision, but also the only way out for compliance with supervision policies in the future.

Jingxun's swimming pool water quality monitoring system effectively combines the water quality monitoring process with the swimming pool operation control process. It can realize 24 hours continuous monitoring of water quality.