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Talking about the Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring System
User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 01 2021

In the hot summer, the swimming pool has become one of the citizens' leisure and cool choices. The water quality and sanitation of swimming pools has also become the focus of everyone's attention. On August 10, the reporter learned from the Municipal Health Supervision and Law Enforcement Detachment. In order to create a safe swimming environment for the general public, I carried out pilot online monitoring in 4 indoor swimming pools. The health supervision department can view water quality data in real time through the monitoring platform to improve the efficiency of health law enforcement. Not only in summer, but also in winter swimming has always been popular. The swimming pool water quality monitoring system can be used for water quality monitoring.

water quality monitoring
water quality monitoring
Swimming pool water quality monitoring system

"In order to strengthen the normalized epidemic prevention and control and ensure the sanitation and safety of swimming places, we have installed an online monitoring system in 4 indoor swimming pools on a trial basis." The relevant person in charge of the municipal health supervision and law enforcement detachment told reporters. The online monitoring system is a water collection sanitation monitoring sensor. A data information network integrating wireless data transmission equipment and remote monitoring platform. Through the cloud server. The monitored water quality data can be continuously transmitted to the monitoring platform for 24 hours.

This "smart pool" model greatly protects consumers' health rights. For the operators, it not only reduces the operating cost of maintaining the water quality of the premises up to the standard. It can be ensured that the sanitation supervisor can maintain the water quality of the swimming pool in a timely and effective manner.The swimming pool water quality monitoring system effectively combines the water quality monitoring process and the swimming pool operation control process to achieve 24-hour continuous monitoring of water quality.