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Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment can monitor water quality

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 30 2021

Water resource is the most important natural resource and the basic condition for human survival and development. In recent years, with the growth of population and the development of industrial, agricultural and other production activities. The demand for water is increasing. In addition, human production and life caused by water pollution, water quality deterioration. Make already limited water resources more strained. In the case of such a shortage of water resources, cherish the protection of water resources, reduce or even avoid water pollution is particularly important. Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment can be used to monitor water quality.

water quality analyzer
water quality analyzer
Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment

Limited water resources should be protected. In addition to saving water and reducing pollution emissions. We should also do a good job of "health inspection" of water quality and strengthen water quality monitoring. Water quality monitoring is one of the main tasks in environmental monitoring. It can accurately, timely and comprehensively reflect the current situation and development trend of water quality. It provides scientific basis for water environment management, pollution source control and environmental planning. It plays an important role in water environment protection, water pollution control and water environment health.

BOD (biological oxygen demand) is the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by aerobic microorganisms as organic matter in a body of water is broken down into inorganic matter. The value of this index indirectly reflects the amount of organic pollutants in water, and is an important index to characterize the degree of water pollution. Water BOD detector generates fluorescence of tryptophan in water by uv light excitation. The detector detects the fluorescence signal and converts the tryptophan fluorescence signal into the related biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by the correction parameter built into the sensor. The BOD value of water quality was obtained by indirect measurement of BOD with tryptophan. Select smooth BOD sensors for fast and accurate monitoring.