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BOD, COD-water quality sensor-water quality analyzer


COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand COD is a chemical method to measure the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in a water sample. Oxygen equivalent of substances (generally organic substances) that can be oxidized by strong oxidants in wastewater, wastewater treatment plant effluent and polluted water. In the study of river pollution and the nature of industrial wastewater and the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants, it is an important and fast-determinable organic pollution parameter, often represented by the symbol COD.
BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand BOD refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed in the process of decomposing organic matter in the water body into inorganic matter by aerobic microorganisms, referred to as BOD. The size of this indicator indirectly reflects the amount of organic pollutants in the water body, and is an important indicator of the degree of pollution in the water body.

working principle:

COD spectrophotometric detection:
The study found that organic matter has a maximum absorption value in the ultraviolet region of 254 nanometers, so the absorbance at this wavelength can be measured. Suspended matter absorbs visible light at 900 nanometers, while the absorption mechanism of organic matter is almost zero, so it can be divided into two ways Light, the COD value of water quality can be obtained by measuring the degree of absorption of the two paths of light.
BOD detection principle:
The tryptophan in the water is excited by ultraviolet light to produce fluorescence. The detector detects this fluorescence signal and the sensor's built-in correction parameters convert the tryptophan fluorescence signal into related biochemical oxygen demand, using tryptophan indirectly By measuring BOD, the BOD value of water quality can be obtained.


(1)Automatic cleaning: effectively eliminate bubbles and dirt to reduce the influence of dirt on the measurement.
(2)Temperature compensation function: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration data with high accuracy and precision.
(3)Double-standard fixed thread: The prefabricated thread is more convenient to install and fix, and the double-standard prefab can meet the different needs of use.
(4)Automatically hang in the water: the product comes with a stainless steel plug that can hang in the water all the time, and the data is accurate. The product line core is made of high-precision copper, and the outer skin is flexible and resistant to bending, tensile and wear resistance. The longer the product line length, the deeper the depth in the water.


(1)Full waterproof design: IP68 waterproof level, to ensure that the product is fully waterproof during use.
(2)Waterproof motor: long life, no need to worry about damage caused by water leakage.
(3)POM probe: aluminum case, accurate temperature measurement without fear of harsh environments.
(4)Detachable stainless steel, user-friendly disassembly slot, convenient for users to disassemble when used.


The Water quality BOD/COD analyzer can be applied to sewage treatment plant/surface water of rivers/aquaculture/biomedicine/industrial production industrial wastewater/urban sewage/domestic sewage/surface water of rivers, etc.

Technical Parameters:
COD/BOD parameter nameCOD/BOD Parameter content
Measuring range 0-200/0-1000mg/l
measurement accuracy± 5%F.S.
User calibration5-point calibration
Protection levelIP68
Product power consumption≤300mW
Under pressure1bar
Installation methodImmersion installation
Product power supply12- 24V DC
Product shellPOM material
Temperature range0-45°C
Measuring principleSpectrophotometry

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