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Discussion on the significance of water quality monitoring system of Internet of things

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 26 2021

Water is the key factor restricting social and economic development. Water resource is very short in our country at present. Water quality, engineering water shortage, more and more prominent. Water shortages, in particular, affect a large number of people. The scope of influence is larger, will have restriction to social development. Therefore, we must fully realize the importance of water quality monitoring and strengthen water quality management. It can be monitored by the Internet of Things Iot water quality monitoring system.

Iot water quality monitoring system
Iot water quality monitoring system
The role of water quality monitoring systems

The water quality monitoring system collects the data of on-site water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters, and transmits the parameter data to the cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring of the data of various devices on the spot. The user can view in real time through the computer webpage or mobile phone app, and can freely set the upper and lower limits of the standard value of each parameter. If the data exceeds the limit, it can send a text message or WeChat alarm reminder to the relevant staff to achieve early warning and avoid unnecessary The loss can be realized remotely to be able to guard on-site equipment.

The water quality monitoring system can monitor water quality parameters such as pH value and oxygen content in real time 24 hours a day. Water pollution incidents can be effectively prevented and controlled. Help environmental protection system integrators or related departments to grasp water quality information timely and accurately. In order to forewarn and forecast major regional water pollution accidents, supervise pollutant discharge. To supervise the implementation of total control system to provide assistance.

Water quality on-line monitoring system to set the parameters exceeding the limit alarm in time. Inform users in a timely manner through SMS or small program reminders. Automatic alarm to abnormal state, such as limit low water level alarm and chain protection, high water level alarm, etc. The camera can monitor the device status in real time and from multiple angles. Especially in remote areas and sparsely populated areas (including reservoirs, sewage Wells, narrow Spaces, etc.).