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The significance of wastewater quality monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 23 2021

After the waste water is treated, the relevant departments should test the quality of the waste water. To make it conform to China's water quality standards, so as to improve the recycling effect of water resources. Wastewater quality detection includes chroma, turbidity, smell and taste, suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, five days biochemical oxygen demand and other data. Other influencing factors may occur in the process of wastewater quality testing and testing, leading to errors in testing data. The staff should reduce the probability of error by analyzing this situation. It can be seen that the monitoring of wastewater quality is a very important step.

Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring
The role of wastewater quality monitoring

Because of the rapid development of the city. After the sewage discharged from industrial and agricultural production flows into the water body, the pollutant content in the water body far exceeds its own cleaning capacity. The physical and chemical properties of water bodies are changed. As a result, the relevant utilization characteristics of water body are greatly affected, which endangers human health. It will destroy the ecological environment. In view of the polluted water quality, effective detection measures should be taken. Need to master the change of water quality, can control the expansion of water pollution. It provides information and basis for environmental protection and ecological balance maintenance. The water quality of drinking water is tested and assessed to help people's health.

Water quality monitoring can ensure the quality of water resources is safe and reliable, and it is an important way to ensure drinking water health in rural areas. For wastewater monitoring, wastewater monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring system can be used. As we all know, the discharge of waste water can be reduced as much as possible after it is monitored and treated by relevant departments