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Introduction of river water quality monitoring equipment
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 22 2021

Meteorological observation is directly related to the accuracy of meteorological forecast, and then affects the development of agricultural economy. Relevant departments should pay more attention to comprehensive meteorological observation capability. Enrich meteorological observation content, not limited to agricultural meteorological services. Tourism, environmental protection and industrial production are all affected by meteorological factors. For river water quality must also be paid attention to, river water quality monitoring equipment can be used to monitor.

Water Quality Monitoring Solution
Water Quality Monitoring Solution
Introduction to the function of river water quality monitoring equipment

Water quality monitoring system to collect on-site water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters data. And the parameter data is transmitted to the Cloud platform of the Internet of Things to realize the real-time monitoring of the data of on-site equipment. Users can view it in real time through a computer web page or mobile app. The upper and lower limits of the standard values of each parameter can be set freely. If the data exceeds the limit, it can send SMS or wechat alarm reminder to relevant personnel. Realize early warning, avoid unnecessary loss, remote realization, protect field equipment.

Floating river water quality automatically monitors the water quality status in the target water area, forming a grid of river water quality monitoring trends, which will help to form a sound long-term river management mechanism.The reservoir water quality monitoring system is suitable for real-time monitoring of lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other monitoring stations to observe changes in water quality.