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The important role of water pollution monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 22 2021

Water resources mainly come from atmospheric precipitation. China is rich in water resources, ranking sixth in the world. However, due to China's large population, the per capita water resources are less than a quarter of the world's per capita. With the construction and development of urban industrialization. Many enterprises discharge sewage and waste water, polluting the water environment, resulting in a decline in the quality of the water environment. A large number of water resources can not be reused, making the original water shortage of our worse. Therefore, considering the amount of water resources alone has no practical significance. Only by combining "quality" and "quantity" can the status quo of water resources be effectively improved. Water pollution monitoring can be considered to monitor water pollution.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
Introduction to water pollution monitoring

When pollutants enter water bodies, they are first diluted by large amounts of water. Then it goes through a series of physical, chemical, and biological changes. The pollutant concentration is reduced and the quality changes occur, which is the self-purification function of water body. But when there are too many pollutants, the concentration reaches a certain level. When the self-purification system of water body cannot complete self-purification. At this time, water pollution occurs, causing a large number of organisms in the water to change or die. The water quality decreases and produces peculiar smell. Affect the health of the surrounding residents and water safety.

Water pollution can be realized by constructing water quality on-line monitoring system. Surface water and groundwater quality can be monitored regularly. It can monitor the process of human production and life, and provide data and information for environmental management and scientific research. By measuring COD, BOD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other monitoring factors in water. Trace the source of pollutants in different water bodies and fight a tough battle against water pollution. Strengthen the development, protection and management of water resources.