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Importance of using ammonia nitrogen water quality analysis equipment


As we all know, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important elements in plant growth. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are often used as the main active components in various fertilizers used in planting industry. The most important element of the three is nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the main components of protein. Its existence involves the normal functioning of many enzymes in plants. And enzymes affect the normal conduct of a large number of biochemical reactions. It can be said that plants cannot grow healthily if nitrogen is not enough. Meanwhile, except for conventional land plants. Many aquatic plants and microorganisms are also highly dependent on nitrogen. But most of these plants don't do much harm, since most plants in the water grow slowly. Add in aquatic feeding, and if the plants flourish, it's only temporary. Ammonia nitrogen water quality analysis equipment can be used for monitoring.

Ammonia nitrogen monitoring equipment
Ammonia nitrogen monitoring equipment
Ammonia nitrogen water quality analysis equipment

There is a group of aquatic plants that not only reproduce incredibly fast, but also release toxins. Prevent fish and other aquatic life from eating themselves. It also creates a mass of flotsam that floats on the surface of the water, blocking sunlight from entering the water. The aquatic plants and other algae that live underwater can't photosynthesize, and they die off. And aquatic animals also die in large numbers because of the lack of oxygen in the water. Form a terrible ecological disaster.

Some of the element nitrogen is present in water as ammonia. Some are aqueous ammonia, some are ammonia ions. Using ammonia nitrogen water quality analysis sensor equipment and ammonia nitrogen COD on-line monitoring equipment. Real-time monitoring of ammonia ion and nitrogen content in water can prevent the wild growth of algae in advance. If you're applying the right drugs, you're creating a water environment that's not suitable for algae like green algae or cyanobacteria. We can organize ecological disasters like bloom and red tide in advance.

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