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Urban water quality monitoring to protect the health of the residents of an entire city

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 09 2021

The quality of water used in cities is important. Directly affecting the health of the city's inhabitants. Urban water quality monitoring system has always been one of the most important environmental monitoring systems for city managers.

Urban water quality monitoring
Urban water quality monitoring
The important role water plays in people's lives

For one thing, water is closely related to the lives of citizens. People living in cities have to rely on water supply systems in municipal projects to maintain normal life. Once the water supply system in the city is broken, there will be a long time without water. The city dweller's living situation is immediately dire -- you can't bathe, you can't wash your clothes, you can't cook. Some medical preparations can not be made, let alone decocting Chinese herbs… Most seriously, the human body's need for water for normal physiological activities goes unsatisfied for a long time. Coupled with sweating caused by anxiety, it can lead to severe dehydration and even dehydration. If this condition persists for a long time, the body is likely to be left with serious and irreversible damage.

If the water quality is seriously polluted, then the consequences are almost the same as cutting off water. Drinking heavily polluted water does not necessarily rehydrate the human body. It can even cause severe diarrhea in those who drink, which can lead to even more severe dehydration. If water pollution occurs without citizens' knowledge, the adverse effects may be further amplified. This has happened many times around the world and is worth learning from.

Urban water quality monitoring system has its unique characteristics, and it needs to monitor a wide range of water quality factors. Including suspended matter detection instrument, water chlorophyll measurement instrument, residual chlorine detector, e. coli detection and other aspects. And has a higher precision requirements. But also through the Internet of things. Feedback the test information to the municipal administration in time.