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Water quality sensor

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COD Analyzer-Water Quality Sensor-High Precision


The water quality COD sensor is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments, which can measure the COD content in water simply, quickly, economically and accurately. The aqueous COD sensor is matched with a waterproof housing, and the signal of the aqueous solution is digitally set and analyzed, and converted into a standard 485/4-20mA/0-10V signal. The product does not need to be calibrated in one molding process and can be used immediately.


(1) Accurate measurement, modular design of the board, and full modular structure design, realize full compatibility of the board, wide measurement range, and more accurate measurement data.
(2) Long life, high-precision probe, high sensitivity, long life, high pressure and high temperature resistance.
(3) Convenient operation, large 2.4-inch LCD screen, real-time high-definition display, clear data at a glance.
(4) The signal is stable, anti-interference, good repeatability, and high measurement accuracy.
(5) The aqueous COD sensor supports RS485 output, 4G output, LoRa output, Ethernet output, analog output, NB-IoT and other output methods.


The water quality cod sensor can be widely used in continuous monitoring of chloride ion value and temperature in solutions such as thermal power/chemical fertilizer/metallurgy/biochemical/food and tap water.

Technical Parameters:
COD parameter nameCOD parameter content
Measuring range 0-200/0-1000mg/l
measurement accuracy± 5%F.S.
User calibration5-point calibration
Protection levelIP68
Product power consumption≤300mW
Under pressure1bar
Installation methodImmersion installation
Product power supply12- 24V DC
Product shellPOM material
temperature range0-45°C
Measuring principleSpectrophotometry