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Multi-parameter quality monitoring station-smart water station


(1)Wide monitoring content
The water quality monitoring station is the process of monitoring and measuring the types of pollutants in the water body, the concentration and change trend of various pollutants, and evaluating the water quality status. The monitoring scope is wide, including unpolluted and polluted natural water (river, river, lake, sea and groundwater) and various industrial drainages. According to actual needs and usage, the main monitoring parameters of the water quality online monitoring system include: five conventional water quality parameters (temperature, turbidity, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen), permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, various water quality ions, total Parameters such as phosphorus, total nitrogen and river flow.
(2)Full monitoring facilities
The station type automatic water quality monitoring station is to build a standardized water quality automatic monitoring station station near the monitoring point under the condition that it has a fixed and permanent station infrastructure and a long-term fixed monitoring point. It also designs an instrument room, Quality control rooms, maintenance staff work lounges, and other high-standard and high-demand automatic water quality monitoring stations are generally used for river section assessment and monitoring, entry and exit section monitoring, and the construction of water quality automatic monitoring stations at important monitoring points.


01 Waterproof and dustproof (protection grade IP55), heat insulation and constant temperature, non-toxic and pollution-free, environmentally friendly;
02Intelligent water distribution and pipeline flushing system;
03Perfect pretreatment module, precise filter module;
04 Parameters include conventional five parameters and COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, etc., to meet the monitoring requirements of different scenarios;
05Intelligent environmental power monitoring system, central control system, power failure protection, self-starting when incoming calls;
06Automatic retention of samples when exceeding the standard, index data comparison system, real-time monitoring of data;
07 Multiple communication protocols, multiple communication methods, highly integrated;
08 Good compatibility and scalability.


●Evaluate environmental quality and predict the development trend of environmental quality. This includes judging whether the environmental quality meets the national environmental quality standards, evaluating the impact of pollution sources, evaluating the pollution pathways of lake pollutants, and predicting the future development of environmental pollution.
●Accumulate a large amount of monitoring data, establish an environmental monitoring database, and provide a scientific basis for formulating and modifying feasible environmental protection regulations, environmental standards, environmental planning and management.
●Research on pollution diffusion patterns and laws to provide a basis for predicting and forecasting environmental quality and improving the environment.
●Accumulate long-term environmental monitoring data to provide services for accurately grasping environmental capacity, rationally using natural resources, and formulating and modifying environmental standards.


Water quality monitoring stations can be widely used in drinking water source water quality monitoring and early warning / surface water administrative handover section water quality monitoring / pollution source discharge and pollutant emission reduction monitoring / lakes, wetlands, rivers and other water quality monitoring.

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