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Portable composite calcium ion sensor-Ca2+detector


The portable composite calcium ion sensor adopts the electrode working mode, simple operation, easy to carry and accurate measurement. It can be widely used in chemical analysis, scientific research inspection, water quality monitoring, food monitoring, tap water and other fields of online water quality monitoring. The electrode is designed for the measurement of calcium (Ca2+) in aqueous solution and is suitable for the rapid determination of calcium concentration in outdoor and laboratory fields.

Field of Application :

Calcium ion sensor is widely used in agricultural production, tap water, chemical fertilizer, scientific research and inspection.

Features :

(1) High sensitivity, fast measurement, whole body waterproof

The measurement has a wide linear range, fast response speed, high sensitivity, and continuous automatic determination and analysis.

(2) Less affected by environmental factors

The amount of analysis test solution is small, and it is less affected by environmental factors such as water quality, color and turbidity.

(3)Visual display of data

Simple, efficient, stable, and can be tested online.

(4) Hand-held aqueous ion meter

A new generation of portable hand-held aqueous ion meter, easy to carry, data display, economical and economical. The aqueous ion composite electrode can also be used with other ion meters.

Parameter description:

Determination parameters: calcium ion

Standard solution: CaCl2 solution containing 1000ppm Ca2+

Preconditioning time: At least 10 minutes

PH range: PH 3.5 -- PH 11

Temperature range: 0 ° C to 50 ° C

Optimum temperature: 25℃

Ion buffer: 4M KCl(add 2% V/V)

Detection range: 0.02-40000 PPM

Probe details :