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Water quality sensor

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water level/leakage transmitter -water immersion sensor


The water immersion sensor is a fully sealed design to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the product. The product has high sensitivity, fast response time, convenient use, and easy installation. The water immersion sensor is a simple and practical leak detection device, which can be installed independently, or used as a detection probe with other hosts for leak detection. This kind of monitoring system is integrated, through its input relay contact signal, it can realize remote alarm and remote equipment control.


(1)Various output signals, supporting RS485/switching/NB-IoT/LoRa and other signal output to meet the needs of different environments. Wireless transmission, no wiring, low power consumption, stable performance.
(2)One machine with multiple screens, which can be matched with multiple screens, and the data can be displayed intuitively and clear at a glance.
(3)No fear of harsh environment, IP65 high-density material shell, built-in waterproof strip, moisture-proof and dust-proof. It can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity, dust, rain and snow. -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius (customizable)
(4)Highly sensitive water contact is reported immediately. The leaking rope is used to detect the leakage of conductive liquid. Through the connection of the product signal line, once liquid is detected at any position along the wire as an intrusion, the alarm function will be activated immediately, and the cloud platform can view the data at any time .
(5)It can be equipped with a cloud platform, and the configuration interface can be configured according to the on-site situation, and data and alarms can be checked at any time.


Water flood sensors are widely used in communication base stations, hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, libraries, archives, warehouses, equipment cabinets and other places where water accumulation is required to alarm.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter nameParameter content
DC power supply12V-24V DC
output signalRS485 output/switch output
Switch typenormally open contact
Detection objectVarious types of aqueous solutions
Power consumption≤0.15W (@12VDC, 25℃)
Working environment-20°C- 60°C 0-95%RH
Working power