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The best water level sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Aug 03 2022
What is a water level sensor?

The water level sensor is a device that measures the liquid level in a fixed container that is too high or too low. We usually measure the liquid level into contact type and non-contact type. Input-type water level transmitter is a kind of contact measurement, which can convert liquid level height into electrical signal output. It is currently a widely used water level transmitter.

water level sensor
How does the water level sensor work?

The working principle of the water level sensor is that when it is put into a certain depth in the liquid to be measured, the pressure on the sensor’s front surface is converted into the liquid level height. The calculation formula is Ρ=ρ.g.H+Po, in the formula P is the pressure on the liquid surface of the sensor, ρ is the density of the liquid to be measured, g is the local acceleration of gravity, Po is the atmospheric pressure on the liquid surface, and H is the depth at which the sensor drops into the liquid.

water level sensor
What are the benefits of water level sensors?

1. Simple structure: The sensor has are no movable or elastic elements, so the reliability is extremely high, and there is no need for regular maintenance during use. The operation is simple and convenient.
2. Convenient installation: When we using, first connect one end of the wire correctly, and then put the other end of the water level probe into the solution to be measured.
3. Ranges are optional: you can measure the water level in the range of 1-200 meters, and other measurement ranges can also be customized.
4. Wide range of applications: suitable for liquid level measurement of high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, high pollution, and other media. Building an electronic water level gauge on the river bank can be used for tide monitoring.
5. Wide range of measuring medium: High-precision measurement can be carried out from the water, oil to paste with high viscosity, and wide-range temperature compensation is not affected by the foaming, deposition, and electrical characteristics of the measured medium.
6. Long service life: Generally, the liquid level sensor can be used for 4-5 years in a normal environment, and it can also be used for 2-3 years in a harsh environment.
7. Strong function: Sensor data is directly displayed in real time in the digital display table. We can connect all kinds of controllers to control the amount of water in the container and set the upper and lower limits.
8. Accurate measurement: The built-in high quality parts of the sensor, high sensitivity, fast response, accurately reflect the subtle changes in the flow or static level, high measurement accuracy.
9. Variety of types: There are various monitoring methods of liquid level sensor, such as input type, ultrasonic monitoring, radar monitoring. It can meet the measurement needs of different places.