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How to protect ultrasonic level gauge from lightning damage?

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 01 2021

Most ultrasonic level gauges are installed outdoors in the field for reservoir and river level measurements. The ultrasonic level meter should be installed where there is lightning protection device. Take special lightning protection measures in areas where lightning strikes frequently.The ultrasonic level meter is designed with circuit protection to prevent the sensor from being struck by lightning, reducing maintenance difficulty and cost. When lightning strikes, the protective circuit can reduce the damage caused by lightning, but it cannot protect the product 100%. More lightning protection measures are needed.

Ultrasonic level gauge
Ultrasonic level gauge
Ultrasonic level meter

The lightning protection solution of ultrasonic level meter should start from the external and internal aspects of the product. Generally, more lightning protection devices are added. More lightning protection measures are as follows:For grounded systems, enclosures shall be joined together using flat steel. Instrument working power supply such as 24V negative end and instrument signal ground, computer input and output signal ground connection, forming equipotential.Install a surge protection system or surge protector for the ultrasonic level transmitter to ensure that the intelligent pressure transmitter does not exceed the voltage limit. Surge protectors can sense lightning surges during thunderstorms and direct overload current to the ground.Set signal channel surge for level transmitter. It can ensure accurate, stable and flexible information transmission. Moreover, the overpressure surge can be released to the earth in thunderstorm weather to ensure the safety of signal transmission.

The JXBS-3001-CSB-YWJ intelligent liquid level transmitter is equipped with a lightning protection device to better reduce the risk of lightning strikes. Especially in mountainous areas, it reduces maintenance costs and is favored by customers. Jxbs-3001-csb-ywj Intelligent liquid level Transmitter 4MA-20mA DC two line output. Internal special lightning protection. Communication protocol with RS485 interface. Customizable design for 4mA to 20mA and RS485 signal channels. With self-reset function. Effectively suppress the damage caused by lightning, induction switch and electrostatic discharge to the transmitter. It has a protection ground between lines and between lines (common mode and differential mode). Quick response.