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Application scenarios of the water immersion transmitter
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 01 2021

Water immersion transmitter in life can be widely used in many fields. Water immersion transmitter, literally, can test whether there is water in a place, and if the instrument encounters water during testing, it will have a sensing effect. The function of the water sensor is to prevent water from entering. Do you know what a water sensor is? What does the water sensor do? Let's go find out today.

Water sensors in daily life have a very wide range of applications, in different industries, they play a major role. At present, many factories have realized automatic upgrading, so the terminal control room is a very important facility. If there is a leak here, it will cause very serious damage. Therefore, the water sensor installed in the terminal room plays an obvious role.Whether in power plants or factories, it is usually necessary to develop a strict personnel management program. But at the same time should also use the water sensor, here the water sensor can play the role of water leakage alarm.

Flood sensor
Flood sensor
This section describes the water sensor

Jingxun unblocked independent research and development of wall - mounted water sensor. It is a form of AC impedance measurement, AC impedance can effectively avoid electrode oxidation electrolysis. Can greatly increase life expectancy. Leakage measurements were accurate, with a false positive rate of almost zero. Low power consumption, no oxidation problems. Ideal design concept for distance. The machine has the advantages of simple installation, convenient debugging, long service life and high alarm sensitivity. It has been widely used in various environmental monitoring systems, such as school libraries, office buildings, residential areas, shopping malls, office buildings, museums and other places that need water alarm.