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Importance of water quality monitoring equipment for rural water use


The safety of drinking water in rural areas is related to people's life and health. Nowadays, with the vigorous development of the breeding industry and the progress of science and technology, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in rural fields is gradually excessive. There are also small and medium-sized farms in rural areas such as chickens, ducks and sheep. Farms do not have the rationalization of large factories. It not only pollutes the air, it also pollutes the water. Therefore, the importance of rural water use can not be ignored. It plays a vital role in people's health. The effective monitoring system of drinking water quality in rural areas should be established to strengthen the monitoring of drinking water quality in rural areas.

At present, there are many villages in China in improving water supply capacity, improving supporting facilities, water source protection and other aspects of the demand has not been met. We will strengthen the protection of water sources and further strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution in agriculture. We will vigorously promote standardized agricultural production, promote biophysical prevention and control of agricultural diseases and insect pests, and test soil for formula application. We will strengthen comprehensive use of sewage and household garbage for rural residents. We will resolutely prohibit and resist the development of polluting enterprises near water sources. Crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts that damage water sources in accordance with the law. Curb the pollution of rural drinking water sources by industrial enterprises from the source.

Portable dissolved oxygen detector-Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Portable dissolved oxygen detector-Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Unimpeded water quality monitoring equipment

Jingxun Unimpeded is committed to the Internet of things water quality monitoring, improve water quality environment and other aspects of harmonious development. Provide easy-to-use, accurate, high quality water quality monitoring equipment and complete water quality monitoring solutions. To "wisdom" generation "governance", deep water quality monitoring and analysis industry for many years. For all walks of life to provide easy-to-use, accurate, high-quality water quality monitoring equipment and complete water quality monitoring solutions. Comprehensive coverage of water quality monitoring, treatment of each link, do water quality monitoring guide.

Water quality monitoring system is suitable for large, medium and small water plants and rural water turbidity residual chlorine, total chlorine chloride, chlorine dioxide chroma, smell and taste, bacteria, PH. In order to test the water to meet the specified water quality standards. It can be widely used in sewage outlet monitoring of factories and mines, import and export monitoring of urban sewage treatment plants, water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes and sewage treatment. Nine water quality testing systems can realize automatic sampling of enterprise wastewater and municipal wastewater, on-line monitoring of flow rate and on-line monitoring of main pollution factors. Real-time grasp of enterprises and urban sewage discharge situation and total pollutant discharge, automatic transmission of monitoring data. Factory direct sales, the price is more appropriate. Support customization, can better meet the diverse needs of different customers.

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