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Portable water quality detector provides convenience for water quality detection
User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 27 2021
background information

Water quality testing is a common means of water quality monitoring for our domestic water and industrial water safety. Water quality detector plays an important role in environmental protection, water quality monitoring and water resources protection! Therefore, water quality detection needs to use a professional water quality detector. In this way, the water quality index data can be more accurate and reliable. Today recommended a portable water quality detector is not only convenient to carry and water quality detection function is comprehensive, is a very easy to use water quality detector.

In recent years, China's economic level continues to improve, greatly promoting social and economic development. However, due to the increasing level of industrialization, the ecological environment has been seriously polluted to a large extent. The problem of water pollution is very serious. For example, industrial pollution and domestic sewage have caused great pollution to China's water resources. We need to do a good job of water pollution monitoring and prevention, the use of water quality testing technology to properly classify the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, in order to achieve a real pollution-free water environment. Therefore, water quality detection has become an indispensable link in our life!

Water Quality Analyzer-Portable-Most Precised Equipment
Water Quality Analyzer-Portable-Most Precised Equipment
Introduction of portable water quality detector

Portable water quality detector is also known as portable multi - parameter water quality detector, multi - parameter water quality detector. Portable water quality analyzer, instrument design compact and beautiful, easy to carry. The water quality detector adopts the guiding operation design, the interface is simple and easy to understand, so that the operator can use quickly and accurately. Operation without manual intervention, the system automatically identifies the detection channel, accurate detection. It can be widely used in scientific research institutes, sewage engineering, water environment testing, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, iron and steel, biological medicine, food and dairy industry, wool textile printing and dyeing, electronic machinery, municipal water conservancy, aquaculture, photovoltaic, leather, paper making, electroplating and other industries.