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Introduction of water conductivity EC sensor


Water conductivity EC sensor-Conductivity is abbreviated as EC, which refers to the ability to conduct current in a body of water. In water quality monitoring, electrical conductivity is one of the important indicators that reflect the quality of water.

When the value of electrical conductivity in the water is higher, the electrical conductivity in the water will be better. And the content of dissolved impurities in the water will be higher, and vice versa.

The lower the value, the purer the water with lower impurity content, and the lower the conductivity. The inspector can preliminarily determine the water quality status through the electrical conductivity. And then adopt different water treatment plans. The higher the conductivity, the higher the ion content in the water.

We all know that the ions in the water are very important for the breeding industry or other industries in terms of water quality. Therefore, we should pay attention to water quality monitoring and use water quality monitoring equipment. Such as water quality. Conductivity EC sensor is monitored.

Water conductivity sensor
Water conductivity EC sensor
Water conductivity EC sensor

The water conductivity sensor can quickly and effectively monitor the conductivity of the water. The water conductivity sensor independently developed by Jingxuntong can effectively monitor the conductivity of the water. Simplifying the function on the basis of ensuring the performance, and thus has a particularly strong The price advantage.

It has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, clear display, simple operation and excellent testability. It can be used for continuous monitoring of conductivity values in solutions such as thermal power, aquaculture. Chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, biopharmaceuticals, biochemicals, food and tap water.

The intelligent digital water conductivity sensor is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. The probe of this product is composed of a PH glass electrode and a silver silver chloride reference electrode. With stable signal and high accuracy.

It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, convenient use, easy installation, and long transmission distance.

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