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Application of Dissolved Oxygen Sensor in Aquaculture
User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 21 2021

Portable dissolved oxygen sensor-Oxygen is the basic condition and important existence for people to survive. Similarly, aquaculture aquatic organisms also need oxygen in water. Oxygen in water is often called dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen in water is a necessary element throughout aquaculture.

First, when the dissolved oxygen content in the water is sufficient, the organic matter can be decomposed faster under the action of aerobic bacteria. The decomposed carbon dioxide and other substances are harmless to the aquaculture.

When the dissolved oxygen in the water is When the content is insufficient, dissolved oxygen is one of the essential elements of aquaculture.

When the dissolved oxygen in the water body is sufficient, the organic matter is decomposed at a faster rate under the action of aerobic bacteria. And the products after decomposition are CO2, N03-, PO43-, H02 and other substances that are harmless to the aquaculture.

The water body is insufficiently dissolved oxygen When the water layer bacteria multiply dominates. And the decomposition products are mostly substances that are toxic to aquatic animals, such as H2S, NH3, CH4, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water to inhibit the chemical reaction of toxic substances. Only by maintaining sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water can the normal growth of farmed fish and shrimps be ensured.

Therefore, the oxygen content in the water must be sufficient at all times. Sufficient oxygen content not only provides the survival of aquatic organisms. But also has always been an important presence of toxic chemical reactions.

Only by maintaining sufficient water dissolved oxygen can the cultured fish be guaranteed. Shrimp and other normal growth. Dissolved oxygen sensors can be used to monitor the water quality of aquaculture at all times.

Portable dissolved oxygen sensor
Portable dissolved oxygen sensor
Introduction to Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Aiming at the importance of dissolved oxygen, Jingxun Changtong independently developed a portable dissolved oxygen detector which is mainly used in laboratories, aquariums, aquatic product breeding, rice fields, swimming pools, etc. Portable dissolved oxygen detectors are specially designed to be convenient for users to carry to the site. The instrument can be divided into two parts: sensor and electronic unit. The sensor adopts extremely general type coated dissolved oxygen electrode.

The electronic unit is composed of high integrated circuits. The instrument uses a liquid crystal display. Which can actually measure the dissolved oxygen, temperature, salt content and other values.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Detector adopts high-sensitivity waterproof probe, dissolved oxygen and temperature compensation combo/default delivery cable length 3m (5m/10m optional). Probes are divided into ultra-common probes (default).

Fluorescence probes (no need Film replacement, no need for frequent calibration, long-term maintenance-free, sensitive response). With high-definition large-screen display, intuitive data display, large viewing angle. Clear writing, moderate character size. Can clearly cope with backlight and high-light daytime use. And quickly view values. The data is accurate.