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The total phosphorus and total nitrogen detector can be used to monitor domestic sewage

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 21 2021

Total phosphorus and total nitrogen detector-In our daily work and life, we often come into contact with various types of phosphorus-containing compounds. For example, sodium tripolyphosphate is used in detergents and preservatives, calcium hydrogen phosphate is used in toothpaste. And in food. Food additives containing yellow phosphorus are used. And in the electronics industry. Some high-purity yellow phosphorus is also used.

In daily life, if we use phosphorus-containing detergents and toothpastes for cleaning, it will lead to an increase in the concentration of phosphorus in domestic sewage. In addition, domestic sewage will contain a large amount of nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important component of protein and amino acids. Domestic sewage contains a large number of human, animal, and microbial metabolites, so the nitrogen is certainly not small.

If the domestic sewage contains a large amount of phosphorus and nitrogen at the same time, and the countless microorganisms in the sewage can convert some of the phosphorus-containing compounds and ammonia nitrogen compounds that are not easy to absorb into easily absorbed substances. Then these domestic sewage will become Natural nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the monitoring of sewage and other water quality. Which can be monitored with a total phosphorus and total nitrogen detector.

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Total phosphorus and total nitrogen monitoring equipment

The sewers do not see the sun all year round, and there will not be any large animals and plants. Therefore, even if they are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. They will not have much impact on the ecology of the sewers. But if these are rich in The situation is quite different when wastewater containing nitrogen and phosphorus is discharged into natural water bodies.

A large number of phytoplankton live in natural water bodies. Once these phytoplankton enter an extremely nutrient-rich environment, they will enter a state of ultra-high-speed reproduction. And it will not take long for the water body to completely cover sleep. It is not only covered with one layer, but several thick layers, which makes it difficult for sunlight to penetrate the middle and lower layers of the water body. And the medium and large plants living in the middle and lower layers of the water body cannot perform photosynthesis. The result was a large number of deaths.

The massive death of plants means that the oxygen in the water decreases rapidly. This can be simply detected by the dissolved oxygen sensor in the water. In order to avoid this situation. The total phosphorus and total nitrogen should be used before the domestic sewage is discharged into the natural waters. The detector monitors it, and if the content of total phosphorus and total nitrogen exceeds the threshold. It should be treated specifically. Algal blooms and red tides caused by eutrophic blooms in water bodies can cause great damage to the environment and should be avoided.