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Water quality monitoring system is a good helper for aquaculture farmers

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 20 2021

Vertical pole type water quality monitoring system-In the process of breeding aquatic products by farmers, water quality monitoring is a very important precaution. Proper regulation of the water environment and water quality can provide a good living and growth environment for aquaculture. On the contrary, if the water environment is not ideal, it will cause aquaculture.

There are a large number of organic and toxic and harmful substances in the farm, which greatly reduces the quality and output of aquaculture products. And even endangers the lives of aquatic organisms. In order to adjust the water quality of the water bodies in the farms, the owners of the farms will use comprehensive drugs to achieve their goals.

However, the use of more general drugs will reduce the water quality, which may not meet the requirements of aquatic product farming, or even Will threaten the life of aquatic products. Now, the owner of the farm can use the water quality inspection system to detect the water quality system. Obtain professional analysis, understand the growth of aquatic products. And then systematically improve the production environment of aquatic products.

Water Quality Station
Water Quality Station
product description:

The vertical pole type water quality monitoring system is an industry intelligent terminal directly applied to the river/lake long system, water ecological environment monitoring, aquaculture and other fields.

The vertical water quality monitoring system supports access to dozens of monitoring sensors including five conventional parameters (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH, water temperature), ammonia nitrogen, redox potential, COD, chlorophyll, and input liquid level.

The vertical-pole water quality monitoring system is equipped with a professional-grade sensor protection kit. Which can prevent microorganisms and surface attachments, monitor more accurately, and have a longer lifespan.

The vertical pole type water quality monitoring system equipment is mainly composed of a water quality analyzer. A multi-parameter analyzer (built-in DTU, transmission via GPS), a water level sensor. A water pressure sensor, and a water pump status monitor.

The vertical water quality monitoring system is divided into automatic control system, water sample collection and pretreatment unit. Water quality analysis instrument unit, system self-maintenance system. Operating environment support system, control and data acquisition and transmission system.

The system controls the equipment and collects data, and realizes centralized monitoring management and centralized data sharing through wireless communication.