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It is very necessary to monitor the quality of sewage and other water


Water quality monitoring sensor-In recent years, China has been in a period of rapid development. The economy has become increasingly prosperous and the national strength has become stronger. As all aspects become more complete and stronger, serious water quality and environmental pollution problems have followed, which has caused serious problems in the development of the country. Harm, and at the same time have a serious impact on people's lives and survival.

Sichuan Chuanhua Co., Ltd. discharged industrial waste water into the waters of the main stream of the Tuojiang River, causing a huge water pollution accident, causing serious impacts and economic losses on the production and life of the people in five urban areas including Ziyang and Chengdu.

After the evaluation by the fishery environmental monitoring department of the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River of the Ministry of Agriculture, the damage to natural fishery resources was as high as 15.69 million yuan.

In 2005, an explosion occurred in the nitrobenzene distillation tower of the Double Benzene Plant of the Jilin Petrochemical Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation, which caused water pollution in the Songhua River and caused serious water pollution incidents, giving people and other living creatures around the Songhua River. Caused a serious threat and impact.

In summary, it is very necessary to monitor water quality, especially for chemical plants and domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. After monitoring, treatment will greatly reduce the pollution of water quality, which is very important for human beings. The living water resources are protected to a certain extent.

water quality sensor
water quality sensor
Introduction of Water quality monitoring sensor

Jingxunchangtong’s self-developed portable water quality detector can quickly and effectively monitor water quality. The water quality detector adopts a guided operation design with a simple and easy-to-understand interface, allowing operators to use it quickly and accurately.

The operation does not require manual intervention, and the system automatically recognizes the detection channel for precise detection. It is compact, convenient and easy to carry, and can be customized according to specific needs, which can better meet the diverse needs of different customers.

The portable multi-parameter water quality detector can be widely used in scientific research institutes, sewage engineering; water environment testing, petrochemicals, metallurgical steel, biomedicine; food and dairy industry, wool textile printing and dyeing, electronic machinery, municipal water conservancy; aquaculture, photovoltaics, leather, papermaking , Electroplating and other industries.

The multi-parameter water quality online detector is an online water quality detector independently developed by Jingxun Changtong.

Which integrates multiple monitoring parameters. The probe with high sensitivity can carry out accurate measurement, strong adaptability, simple maintenance, not afraid of the threat of high temperature and high pressure, long life, strong confidentiality and other characteristics.

River water quality tester to play a big role

River water quality tester is an instrument used to measure river water quality. It can measure dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll, ozone, residual chlorine, nitrate nitrogen and other indicators in the water, and can give the evaluation of water quality according to the measurement results.

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