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How to get safe drinking water when you go out on a trip, this water quality monitor will help you

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 26 2021

Importance of portable water quality detector

Water is an indispensable nutrient in human life. People need to supplement more than 1500 ml of water every day to maintain healthy physiological function. Once they cannot take in this amount of water, the human body will experience various problems. Symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness, fever, vertigo, etc.

Therefore, people must pay attention to hydration in any situation, whether at home or outdoors, of course, it is relatively easy to add hydration at home. After all, whether in cities or villages, tap water is basically available these days. And the quality of tap water is average. All are reliable. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is boiled, even people with weaker stomachs will not have any serious problems if they drink it.

water quality monitoring sensors
water quality monitoring sensors
Importance of water quality monitoring equipment

But the situation is different outdoors, especially some friends like to go to the mountains or grasslands to experience the scenery of nature. Generally speaking, there is no tap water or there is very little tap water distribution.

In this case, once After drinking the water you carry with you, you must drink the water in nature, but the water in nature is not all safe. Some water bodies look very clear, but they contain many microorganisms and disease-causing invisible to the naked eye. Bacteria, once they are drunk, they may cause an imbalance of the flora in the digestive system. Which in turn may cause diarrhea and cause more severe dehydration.

At this time, a portable water quality detector that is convenient to carry is necessary. No matter how the water body looks like, first take out the portable water quality detector to measure, and then compare the tables of various parameters.

To judge the water quality, or directly use a water quality monitor with an intelligent water quality monitoring system to directly draw a conclusion whether the water in this water body is drinkable. And prevent water shortages or symptoms caused by drinking unclean water sources.