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Water quality sensor equipment is inseparable from the aquaculture industry


As the saying goes, water is the source of life, without it, everything is impossible, and everything in the world cannot be separated from water. But if it comes in the wrong direction, it will cause great harm.

In the early morning of July 20th, heavy rainfall occurred in Ruzhou City, Henan Province, causing floods in the town of Jiliu. According to the video provided by netizens, it can be seen that the streets in the town have been flooded and the river is rushing. Many cars parked on the street were washed away by the flood.

In an instant, a small car was washed into the river and disappeared after being submerged in the river. On July 21, 2021, Zhengzhou, Henan, suffered a severe rainstorm and flood disaster. The hourly rainfall reached 201.9 mm, breaking the historical extreme.

The urban area is seriously flooded, and many subway stations have been flooded. Zhengzhou Metro's entire line network has been suspended. A lot of people were trapped in the subway, and the water inside the car was submerged to the waist. Not to mention the high water level outside the subway, the water flow was extremely fast. At the same time, this heavy rain also brought unpredictable losses to aquaculture farmers.

water quality monitoring sensors
water quality monitoring sensors
Water quality sensor and aquaculture

In recent years, the aquaculture industry has developed vigorously.

There are extensive, intensive and high-density intensive aquaculture methods. Extensive aquaculture is to put seedlings in medium and small natural waters, and rely entirely on natural bait to grow aquatic products, such as fish farming in lakes and reservoirs and shellfish farming in shallow seas.

Intensive culture is the use of bait and fertilization methods to grow aquatic products in smaller water bodies, such as pond fish culture, fish culture in cages, and fence culture. High-density intensive culture adopts methods such as running water, temperature control, aeration and feeding high-quality bait, and high-density aquaculture in small water bodies to obtain high yields, such as high-density running-water fish farming and shrimp.

For breeding, whether their oxygen demand is sufficient is very important. Therefore, Jingxuntong’s portable fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter can effectively monitor oxygen quickly and accurately.

It uses the principle of fluorescence quenching for measurement. Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional classical measurement methods that cannot be continuously measured online, the probe does not need to replace the diaphragm, can be long-term maintenance-free, easy to use and install, sensitive, and does not require calibration, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload in the use of the instrument.

The portable water quality multi-parameter rapid measurement platform can be customized according to your needs, and one instrument can monitor multiple parameters. You need a water quality monitoring sensors right now.

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