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How to achieve efficiency fish pond farming model with water monitor system
User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 23 2021

Fish pond farming is an important agricultural project. Many farmers rely on fish pond farming to gain income and embark on the road to wealth. However, it is really difficult to manage fish ponds, especially for breeding some more delicate fish species or Crabs and crayfish, such as aquatic animals that require relatively high water quality, need to use various aquaculture monitors and aquatic Water quality monitoring information system to supervise the water quality.

Once it is found that there is any abnormality in the water quality of the fish pond, Take effective treatment measures immediately. After all, a fish pond is a relatively small water environment, and its ecological balance itself is very fragile. Once treatment measures are not taken in time, the damage may accumulate and eventually damage the entire fish pond. The water environment has caused irreversible negative effects.

But when there are difficulties, there will be ways. So some people came up with the aquaculture model of "flow trough" aquaculture. The core of flow trough aquaculture is to separate large and small ponds, but they are not completely isolated. Small ponds are used for fish growth, and large ponds are used. To simulate the natural environment to form a water body cycle, and exert the self-purification ability of the water body.

water quality monitoring information system
water quality monitoring information system
Application of water quality monitoring equipment

Because there are no fish swimming in the big pond, the sedimentation effect in the big pond is better. The components that affect the water quality will sink to the bottom of the pond, which is convenient for the farmers to salvage these sediments. If the farmers are also planting farmland at the same time, These sediments are the best organic fertilizers.

In addition, for the purification of fish pond water, some chemical substances are also used. Putting these substances in large ponds has a better impact on the fish living in small ponds, and is equipped with water quality monitoring equipment that centrally monitors chemical substances. It can minimize the pollution of fish by chemical substances.