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Use aquaculture water quality monitoring to ensure the normal growth of farmed fish and avoid immune diseases

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 23 2021

The water quality monitoring probe-Video surveillance can grasp the status of fish growth in real time.
Especially in the growth period of fish, the size of fish will change significantly in a short period of time.
At this time, it is necessary to monitor the growth status of these fishes. After all, the size of the fishes will directly affect the income that farmers can obtain through fish farming!
However, it is impossible for people to stay at the edge of the fish pond for a long time to count the fish, and the number of fish in the fish pond farming process is extremely large.
Moreover, the naked eye is not accurate in judging the size and size of the body, and it is very likely to be misjudged or misjudged.

Smart aquaculture solutions
Smart aquaculture solutions
Aquaculture water quality monitoring equipment

Fish ponds have a certain depth. Those fish in the lower layers of the water body cannot be seen by people standing on the shore. However, underwater video surveillance can eliminate this situation to a large extent.
The underwater monitor can be installed at the bottom of the water or on the edge of the fish pond. So that the growth of the fish can be monitored in all directions.
Coupled with an intelligent analysis system, you can perform an accurate analysis and calculation of the fish school activity status, fish body length, and weight at different periods of time.
Once a problem is found, a related report will be generated immediately and handed over to the farmer or smart terminal for processing.

The factors that affect fish growth and activity are often related to river water quality.
In this case, farmers can use various aquaculture water quality testing equipment to monitor the water body data. And then use the big data aquaculture water quality monitoring probe or hire specialized technicians to conduct aquaculture water quality analysis to find the cause of the water quality problem.

And think of ways to improve the water quality, so that the overall environment for the survival of fish can be improved, and the income of the farmers can also be guaranteed.