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How important is it to keep an eye on water quality monitoring?

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 23 2021

IOT Real time water quality monitoring system -At 3 pm on July 2, 2007, the monitoring of the surface water plant in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province found that short-term and large-flow sewage invaded the water intake of the water plant located in the Huaishu River. The urban domestic water supply source was seriously polluted and water flow appeared. Obvious odor.

After water quality testing, the ammonia nitrogen content of the water intake is about 28 milligrams per liter, which far exceeds the national water intake standards.

As the water quality still cannot meet the drinking water standard after treatment, the urban water supply system was forced to shut down. And the drinking and water use of 200,000 people in the urban area was affected to varying degrees.

Until the morning of July 4, the water intake of the water plant that was closed due to drinking water source pollution was reopened. And the normal water supply in Shuyang urban area was fully restored. The entire Shuyang county was shut down for more than 40 hours.

During this period, people's lives and survival were seriously affected.

water quality sensor
water quality sensor
Introduction of water quality monitoring system

The water quality monitoring system independently developed by Jingxunchangtong can remotely monitor the water environment parameters. Water quality total phosphorus, total nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, PH, turbidity, etc.

It is widely used for online monitoring of surface water, rivers and lakes, as well as corporate wastewater and sewage monitoring. It can be viewed remotely through the water quality monitoring cloud platform and early warning of exceeding standards.

Jingxun Changtong has a complete series of water quality monitoring systems, including vertical-pole. Floating water quality online monitoring, national standard water quality online analyzers and various water quality monitoring probes, and support cloud platform custom development.

The online water quality monitoring system will alert users in time for the parameters set to exceed the limit value. And notify users in time through mobile phone text messages and small program reminders.

Automatic alarm for abnormal conditions, such as limit low water level alarm and interlock protection, high water level alarm, etc.

Installing a camera can monitor the equipment status in real time and from multiple angles, especially in remote areas and sparsely populated areas (including reservoirs, sewage wells, narrow spaces, etc.).

Water quality online monitoring system is widely used in wastewater monitoring, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, sewage treatment. Pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, tap water and other solutions for continuous numerical monitoring.

Real time water quality monitoring system using iot can really helps a lot in our water quality monitor.