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Multifunctional water quality rapid testing platform

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 20 2021
Introduction of multifunctional water quality rapid test platform:

Multifunctional water quality rapid testing platform-The water quality rapid measuring instrument developed and designed by our company adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology to design a brand new intelligent portable water quality measuring instrument.

The detector uses a large-size full-color LCD display that can display the readings in real time. At the same time, it uses a detection circuit designed by a digital chip from an international manufacturer, which can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability.

The shell adopts industrial-specific high-strength composite plastic, which has high strength and good hand feeling. The detector can be widely used in environmental protection, factories, water plants, sewage treatment and aquaculture industries.

Multifunctional water quality rapid testing platform
Multifunctional water quality rapid testing platform
Features of the multi-functional water quality rapid test platform:

The multi-functional water quality rapid measurement platform can be used for intelligent alarm settings. When the detected value exceeds the alarm value set by the user, the device will alarm and remind in time.

Press the alarm button to cancel the alarm; when the user does not use the device, Press the backlight button to save the power of the device; you can view the detected data one by one. It is easy and convenient to view the data; for the detected data, you can connect the USB to the data interface connector to store the data to the computer and generate a report.

One-click data export is convenient and quick . It is a water quality multi-parameter tester that can be linked to multiple detection probes for multiple parameter detection; it supports multiple network transmission methods and supports the Jingxun cloud platform independently developed by Jingxun Changtong.