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Miniature water quality testing instrument

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 20 2021
The importance of water quality monitoring

Multiparameter water quality sensor-Worldwide, population growth and the development of industry and agriculture have increasingly demanded water resources; at the same time, the pollution of water resources has become more serious.

In the face of this situation, rational use and protection of water resources and water environment testing , Has become the focus of people’s attention. Water quality testing is a basic task.

For example, scarce fresh water resources, especially reservoir water testing, have become the focus of daily testing.

Portable water quality monitoring equipment provides technical support for water quality testing. , Can quickly and accurately monitor the specific water quality situation.

multiparameter water quality sensor
multiparameter water quality sensor
Advantages of miniature water quality monitoring equipment

The portable water quality parameter rapid measurement platform is an instrument that can be connected with a variety of water quality detection probes to perform multi-parameter water quality detection. It can be plugged and measured, and the data can be displayed in real time. The sensor can be displayed in a few seconds in the water to be tested.

The measurement result is simple and convenient, the measurement cost is low. And the measurement speed is fast; it has a rich man-machine interface, Which is a full-color interface designed based on a new embedded idea, which can query, record, and display the connected sensor data in real time.

Data recording You can set the time to start recording and stop recording by yourself.

Press the start recording button to start the measurement within a period of time, and press the stop recording button to stop recording sensor data and save it to the memory. The detected data can be performed in multiple units The switch is very convenient. The memory capacity is large, the miniature multi-parameter water quality monitoring platform can store 200,000 pieces of data, and it can also adjust the setting time interval for data recording.

The setting range is wide, from 5 seconds to 24 hours, which can be viewed by date and time. The corresponding data.