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The effect of sewage turbidity meter


Turbidity sensor-Water sources are widely used in various industries. The process of industrial water consumption is a process that will reduce water quality. The quality of its water sources will be continuously polluted as it is used.

For the degree of pollution of its water source, special instruments should be used to detect the turbidity of its sewage.

There must be special regulations for the detection of turbidity of its water quality. If the turbidity is too high, discharge is not allowed, and discharge can only be carried out when the turbidity of the detection reaches the specified amount.

For municipal government water supply, drinking water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, integrated purification tanks, pulp and paper industry, wastewater treatment plants, chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment, livestock wastewater treatment and other fields.

It is necessary to use sewage turbidity meters and other instruments. Sewage cannot be discharged if it does not meet the standards.

turbidity sensor
turbidity sensor
Application of sewage turbidity meter

Jingxuntong's sewage turbidity meter has a chromaticity compensation function, which compensates any astigmatism filtered by the optical lens. And the special defoaming device of its sensor can effectively prevent the interference of bubbles.

It is displayed in Chinese and can be installed on a stand. It is used to monitor the turbidity of sewage. The mud, silt, fine organic matter, inorganic matter, plankton and colloids in the water can make the water turbid and present a certain turbidity.

The turbidity of the sewage is specified in the water quality analysis. The higher the value, the more turbid the solution. It emits a kind of light. Which passes through a section of the sample, and detects how much light is scattered by the particles in the water in a direction of 90° from the light emitted from it.

The sewage turbidity meter can be used for measurements in the field and in the laboratory, as well as continuous monitoring all-weather, and can also be set up with a sewage turbidity meter to send an alarm when the turbidity exceeds the set value or falls below the set value.

River water quality tester to play a big role

River water quality tester is an instrument used to measure river water quality. It can measure dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll, ozone, residual chlorine, nitrate nitrogen and other indicators in the water, and can give the evaluation of water quality according to the measurement results.

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