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Smart aquatic products, you need a plan

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 19 2021

The water quality monitoring system-Seafood products have already entered thousands of households and have become a common ingredient for people.

From the perspective of the breeder, the artificial breeding of aquatic products lacks the interlocking compensation system like the natural environment, which is often very fragile.

A slight change in the external environment will cause huge changes in water quality, water temperature, the number of microorganisms in the water, and nutrients in the water. Large areas of fish will die in the morning, which will have a great impact on the output of aquatic products and seriously affect the income of farmers.

In this case, the use of smart aquaculture is imminent, and Jingxuntong provides smart aquaculture solutions.

Use smart aquaculture to replace traditional aquaculture, thereby improving the management level and competitiveness of the entire aquaculture industry.

It can allow people to eat safe and centered, abundant types, large quantities, high-quality and inexpensive aquatic products, but also reduce the cost of farmers. Which is the development direction of the global aquaculture industry today.

aquarium water quality sensor
aquarium water quality sensor
Breeding plan:

Jingxunchangtong’s “Smart Fishery Solution” is based on aquaculture Internet of Things and other fishery information technology to help aquaculture companies effectively manage the aquatic product breeding process and provide safe, reliable, and stable quality aquatic products. This program includes four modules: environmental monitoring, monitoring system, intelligent cloud platform, and intelligent linkage.

Four major modules:

With the help of the "environmental monitoring" module, the water quality status data is automatically collected. And monitoring sensors with self-identification function are used. Real-time collection of water quality and water environment information (sulfide, nitrite, conductivity temperature, water level, water flow, PH value, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen content, etc.) (as shown below). At the same time, video surveillance equipment is used to view the surrounding environment of the breeding site in real time for remote control.

What can the water quality monitoring system do?.

With the help of the "monitoring system" module, we can capture regularly, video storage and playback and other functions. And grasp the dynamics of the farm 24 hours a day, not only ensuring safety, but also improving work efficiency.

With the help of the "Intelligent Cloud Platform" module, data can be analyzed. And historical data can also be combined for comprehensive analysis. We are fully aware of changes in breeding records, feed materials, and water quality.

With the help of the "intelligent linkage" module, we can control water quality, remotely perform operations such as oxygenation. And can also automatically feed materials at regular intervals, reducing the time and labor costs of on-site operations.