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Water quality monitoring system solution

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 19 2021

The online surface water quality monitoring system can be used to monitor the water quality of river sections, drinking water sources, lakes and reservoirs, oceans and other important water bodies.

The water quality monitoring system can realize real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality.

Timely early warning and forecast of water quality changes, resolution of water pollution accident disputes across administrative regions, and supervision of the implementation of the total amount control system.

The water quality monitoring system can monitor the conventional five parameters, ammonia nitrogen, COD (mn), total phosphorus, total nitrogen, Cod (cr), heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Pb, Cd, Cr6+, etc.), TOC, flow and other parameters.

The surface water quality online monitoring system includes monitoring terminal hardware and background monitoring platform software.

The monitoring terminal includes fixed stations, container stations and other forms, consisting of analytical instruments, water intake systems, water distribution systems, pretreatment systems, control systems, data acquisition/processing/transmission systems, power environment monitoring systems, video monitoring systems, lightning protection systems, stations The composition of the room.

monitoring platform

The online water quality monitoring and monitoring platform can realize remote collection, verification, filtering, calculation and storage of monitoring data.

It also provides early warning and alarm for abnormal data in categories and levels, summarizes, counts, and queries the monitoring data. And generates various reports according to the actual needs of users.

The platform includes functions such as automatic data collection, data validity analysis, monitoring and control, effective data storage, daily operation and maintenance, data management, data reporting, information release, data reporting, and statistical analysis.

aquarium water quality sensor
aquarium water quality sensor
Program features

Realize intelligent management, with real-time monitoring of equipment operating conditions. Rremote counter-control, dynamic display and data management functions to reduce maintenance, improve equipment operation rate, and increase effective data rate.

It has the ability to build a super station. In addition to monitoring conventional five parameters, COD, ammonia nitrogen, TPN and other conventional factors, it can also monitor water heavy metals.

With advanced independent intellectual property rights of quantitative loop quantitative technology, fluorescence, electrochemistry and other technical platforms.Provide a series of products that adapt to various working conditions.The system and the instrument have a unified brand, unified design and manufacturing, seamless connection, high integration, and easy maintenance.

According to the site conditions, provide targeted water intake, comprehensive lightning protection, and realize comprehensive remote monitoring platform counter-control. Aand be compatible with mainstream instruments in the market.

Unattended on-site, automatic cleaning, algae removal, automatic and stable operation.

Provide professional operation services.

The online water quality monitoring system can be widely used in surface water quality monitoring. Domestic sewage monitoring, industrial wastewater monitoring. Aquaculture water quality monitoring. Drinking water quality monitoring. The water quality monitoring system can monitor water under harsh conditions. The water quality monitoring equipment probe can be put into the water quality and monitoring parameters for a long time.