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What equipment is needed for sewage monitoring
User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 19 2021

Water pollution sensor-Surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater are usually tested for residual chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, chromium, iron, manganese, color, turbidity, suspended solids, etc.

Multiple indicators. Different sewage monitoring parameters have different sewage monitoring equipment. Next, let’s understand which water quality analyzers are needed for sewage monitoring:

online cod bod tss ph analyzer
online cod bod tss ph analyzer
COD measuring instrument:

COD water quality analyzer can quickly and accurately determine the chemical oxygen demand in surface water, reclaimed water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and the concentration can be read directly.

The COD water quality online analyzer can quickly and accurately measure the chemical oxygen demand of sewage in the laboratory and in the field. It is a necessary experimental equipment for monitoring the chemical oxygen demand of sewage.

water pollution sensor
water pollution sensor
Ammonia nitrogen water quality analyzer:

The ammonia nitrogen water quality analyzer can automatically and continuously work for a long time according to the on-site settings.

It is widely used in sewage monitoring of industrial pollution source discharge wastewater, municipal sewage treatment plant sewage, environmental quality surface water and other occasions.

According to the complexity of the field test conditions, the corresponding pretreatment system can be selected.

In order to ensure the reliability of the test process and the accuracy of the test results, it can fully meet the on-site needs of different occasions.

Total phosphorus and total nitrogen water quality analyzer

The total nitrogen and total phosphorus analyzer can realize the separate and simultaneous monitoring of the two parameters of total nitrogen and phosphorus.

Widely used in the petrochemical industry: circulating cooling water quality monitoring.

Environmental protection industry: sewage discharge monitoring.
Water conservancy industry: water quality monitoring of surface water, rivers and lakes.

Municipal industry: water quality monitoring of drinking water sources, water quality monitoring of influent water from water plants, and sewage water monitoring of sewage treatment plants.

There are many types of sewage monitoring equipment, which can monitor BOD, chlorophyll, blue-green algae and other parameters. All-in-one monitoring of parameters is an indispensable instrument in sewage monitoring.