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Breeding conditions of loach with technology

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 18 2021

Aquarium water quality sensor-Loach is a kind of fish with special habits.

On the one hand, loach needs to grow healthily in a body of water with better water quality. On the other hand, loach also likes to get into the soil.

Therefore, it is best to be able to breed in natural water bodies, and the living conditions of loach in a breeding tank or large aquaculture tank may not be very good.

In the nursery stage of loach breeding, the most important factor is the temperature of the water.

Use the water level and temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the water body, and when the temperature reaches a critical value. Even if the heater is remotely controlled, the water body is heated. Ensure that the temperature of the water body is kept above 18 degrees Celsius at all times.

Only at this temperature can the fry of the loach grow smoothly. Otherwise, you will die or stop eating because the temperature is too low, causing a lot of losses.

This is also a significant advantage of smart aquaculture technology. After all, it is impossible to monitor the temperature of the water body at any time by relying solely on human resources.

For example, when you are sleeping, the temperature suddenly drops. It is impossible for you to get the information of the sudden temperature drop immediately.

From the time the temperature drops sharply to when you wake up to check the fish pond, hundreds of loach fry may die.

aquarium water quality sensor
aquarium water quality sensor
Water quality monitoring equipment makes the loach grow better

Loach breeding requires high-quality pond mud. Good pond mud can make the loach grow fatter and stronger, but what is a good pond mud?

This requires the use of professional monitoring equipment provided by a professional water quality monitoring equipment company to carry out the measurement.

The ammonia nitrogen concentration sensor is used to measure the ammonia nitrogen in the pond mud. And the TOC sensor is used to measure the organic matter content in the pond mud.

These two contents determine whether the pond mud is rich in nutrients. If the conditions are not met, it is necessary to mix other pond mud to optimize the quality of the pond mud.

The optimized pond mud will be more suitable for the growth of loach.